FAQ Ambivitalis

All ambivitalis products are 100% developed and manufactured in Germany. The products are tested by independent laboratories to provide with a completely safe product at all times.

The products have a shelf life of 2 years from production. The corresponding best before date is printed on the bottom of each product.

Ideally, our products are stored in their original packaging. We recommend storing our products at room temperature (15-25 degrees) and protected from light and moisture.

Our dietary supplements mostly contain ingredients that can also be partially absorbed through food. Therefore, they can generally be taken together.

Our products can be taken long-term without hesitation. We recommend a regular intake in case of a proven deficiency in order to achieve the optimal effect.

In general, all our capsules can also be opened and put into cold food or drinks. We do not recommend warm or hot drinks in order to optimally protect the active ingredient.

To cover the daily needs, the recommended intake should be followed. Individual recommendations adapted to personal values and deficiencies can be obtained from a doctor.

All our products contain only tested raw materials in food quality. We are not aware of any side effects in the dosage recommended by us. We recommend seeking medical advice before taking products in case of known diseases.

Our products Multivitamins + Minerals, Acacia Fiber as well as Biotic Complex do not contain any ingredients that could be of concern during pregnancy.  The contained ingredients are recommended during pregnancy to cover increased nutritional needs and to counteract reduced intestinal motility.

Our product Enzyme plus is tolerated and even beneficial in case of histamine intolerance. The contained enzymes papain and bromelain support the breakdown of histamine.

Our products are lactose-free with the exception of the Valerian Hop Shot.