Our mission

We strengthen your
whole life.

Ambivitalis gives you the energy boost you need for a no compromise, modern and positive lifestyle. Our products protect, stabilise and optimise your immune system – for improved balance and well-being.

Your energy level and long-term attitude to life are close to our hearts. We consider well-being as a holistic concept – because only by looking at our bodies as a whole are we able to fully develop our vitality and noticeably improve our quality of life.

Our products

“Made in Germany”
for 100% safety

All of our products are developed on the basis of the latest scientific findings – in close cooperation with German doctors and world-leading athletes. We only follow the recommendations of leading exerts when it comes to the constituents and composition of our products. Because our goal is to always make the most effective active ingredients available at the optimal dosage. To maintain full control over this, our products are 100% developed and manufactured in Germany.

Our promise

Premium quality
without compromises

n terms of your well-being, only the best is good enough for us. This already starts with the carefully selected and tested raw materials that we use. The highest standards of quality also apply to the development and manufacture of our products. Moreover, we naturally have everything we offer for strengthening your life tested by independent German laboratories.

With every Ambivitalis brand product you can rely on:

• High-dose ingredients of natural origin

• Free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

• Vegetarian capsule casings

• Transparent and full declaration of ingredients and constituents

• High quality, recyclable packaging

We manufacture our capsules and powders in accordance with the pure-substance principle. This means that we use no hidden additives such as titanium oxide, colourings,sweeteners, preservatives, allergens or intolerable substances such as gluten, lactose and soya. However, the use of additives in very small doses cannot be completely ruled out where absolutely necessary for technical reasons.

Our brand

The energy boost
for the whole world

Our commitment to your well-being knows no bounds: The Ambivitalis brand is already registered in 39 countries. Leading doctors, athletes and experts use and recommend us. Because Ambivitalis is synonymous with products that are as sustainable as they are clever, and that make a real difference to the lives of users.